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Turkish media: Greece ... continues provocations in the Aegean - Army landed in Kastellorizo

Featured Turkish media: Greece ... continues provocations in the Aegean - Army landed in Kastellorizo

Turkish media accuse ... Greece of escalating the tension with Turkey, even claiming that troops landed on Kastellorizo.

According to haberler.com, "Greece landed an army in Kastelorizo, just 2 km from Turkey" and publishes photos of the French News Agency (AFP) that show Greek soldiers landing with tourists on the island.

In fact, despite Erdogan's revisionism, the Turkish media now refer to the International Treaties, stressing that the island should be demilitarized.

As the haberler.com article states:

"Greece, which is escalating tensions with its steps in the Eastern Mediterranean, landed an army in Kastelorizo, located two kilometers from Turkey, on the anniversary of August 30, and which must be demilitarized. "Greece, which has been making various provocations in the region lately with a tourist ferry, has installed an army in Kastelorizo, where it is forbidden to have an army."

The article even published photos of AFP which, as it states, "showed that a large number of soldiers with the ferry that makes tourist trips to the islands set foot in the area. "In the photo taken on August 28, the soldiers can be seen coming down with full equipment."

The specific steps of Greece are new violations of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and of Paris in 1947. The administration of Athens, despite the fact that there is no army there since 1960, continues to equip these islands ".

MINISTER: "What is threatened is not demilitarized"
Sources in the Greek Ministry of Defense respond consistently to the Turkish accusations that "everything that is threatened is not demilitarized." In addition, according to Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, there is the right of legal defense of a country in the event of a threat directed from any part of its territory, continental and insular. According to the same sources, this provision obliges and legitimizes Greece to take all necessary precautionary defense measures in order to protect the Greek Aegean islands.