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Has Germany asked Greece to demilitarize the Greek islands?

Featured Has Germany asked Greece to demilitarize the Greek islands?

"It is reported that the German government warned Greece about the Aegean islands, which it has armed and on which it deployed army personnel since the 1960s. According to the Greek press, the Merkel government is asking Greece to end its military presence on the islands. "Germany is pressuring Mitsotakis to withdraw the army from the islands," writes the Turkish daily Yeni κafak, which is affiliated with Erdogan.

"The islands, which under international law must be demilitarized, pose a threat to Turkey's national security. International law professor Selami Kuran said Turkey has steps to take on this issue. Disarmament of these islands must be formally given a deadline in Greece, which is set by the state, if despite the completion of the deadline there is no tangible step from Greece to return to demilitarized status, then Turkey, under Article 51 "According to the UN Charter, can raise the issue of its right to individual legal defense due to a direct threat", tourkikanea.gr reports.