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Coronavirus: Cannery closes in Skydra - 114 cases found

Featured Coronavirus: Cannery closes in Skydra - 114 cases found

The suspension of operation of a canning company in Mavrovouni Skydra for 10 days was decided by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, as 114 cases of coronavirus were found.

The announcement of the Secretary General of Civil Protection
Due to a confirmed high epidemiological burden (114 cases) in a canning company in Mavrovouni, Skydra, Pella Prefecture, following relevant inspections, by order of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, to the Secretary General EODY executives carrying out on-the-spot inspections, the operation of this company as a whole is suspended, including all its infrastructure and facilities, and all kinds of main and auxiliary premises, for urgent reasons of dealing with a serious risk to public health and in particular for the area the spread and effects of COVID-19 disease.

The above suspension is valid for 10 days from 02-10-2020 and time 12.00 to 11-10-2020 time 12.00.