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Military service rises to twelve months

Featured Military service rises to twelve months

The intention of the government to increase the military service to 12 months was announced from Thassos by the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos.

It is recalled that the government's discussions with the Armed Forces on the possibility of increasing military service were initially revealed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a press conference he gave at the TIF. on September 13th.

The Minister of National Defense, however, did not specify in their statements yesterday the time horizon that the increase of the term will take place, while he only said that it will take place "soon".

According to Open TV, the Ministry of National Defense is waiting for the suggestions of the staffs and in particular of the General Staff of the Army, and according to information, the increase of the term will be from 2021. According to the same report, there is the thought of the first draft, the first month of 2021, but in all likelihood this will happen with the second draft of March.

According to what Mr. Panagiotopoulos said on Sunday from Thassos, however, "the political and military leadership are strong" and "ensure the conditions for the Armed Forces to protect the country's territorial sovereignty and sovereign rights, creating a strong deterrent against any intruder ".

In this way, the minister said, "the challenges and threats that the country is facing are being addressed." He pointed out that the ministry's plan includes the recruitment of professional hoplites as well as an increase in conscripts by increasing the term of office to 12 months "which will be done soon" but also by "increasing the number of students in productive schools who send officers to the army, the air force" and the navy ", a fact that will bring data" more to Evros to serve ".