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Water rising in the Petalo area of Evros

Featured Water rising in the Petalo area of Evros

The Municipal Unit of Ferεσ is on alert, as the water level continues to rise in the area of ​​Petalo in Evros.

According to statements by the deputy governor of Evros, Dimitris Petrovic, at the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, in the morning the water level was at 6.20-6.30 meters. "The weather front that passed over us has moved east and the level is rising because of the Ergin River, which brings water from Turkey," Petrovic explained, explaining that the limit is 6 meters. "It's at 6.20 now and it's going up. "We have issued relevant instructions in time to the citizens not to approach the area, we are monitoring the phenomenon and we are on standby," he added.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, after the tragedy with the bad weather of the last days, with an extraordinary announcement, due to the rising water level of the river Evros, calls on the farmers and stockbreeders operating within the flood zone not to approach the river and its embankments and to timely remove livestock and farm machinery from dangerous areas.