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RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland: "Greece: How to get vaccinated without chaos"

Featured RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland: "Greece: How to get vaccinated without chaos"

"Greece: how to vaccinate without chaos", is the title of a report published on the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland website which refers to the "example of Greece", which shows that "there is another way", beyond the "chaos" that prevails in the vaccination process in Germany, as it typically states.

The article also refers to the promotion of the single European vaccination certificate by the Greek government.

"Greece has so far managed to deal with the pandemic better than many other European countries, thanks to the limited contacts. Now the country is showing how one can organize vaccination. "There are no queues in front of more than 700 vaccination centers."

The article analyzes the procedure applied in Greece in order to make an appointment for the vaccination, through the electronic prescription system, while it is emphasized that most citizens do not need to do anything in order to plan their vaccination.

There is also a statement by the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos, who describes the "Greek recipe for success" with the words "digitization, transparency, central planning and monitoring of processes in real time", while it is pointed out that, thanks to smooth organization, only 0.5% of valuable vaccination doses expire and should be discarded.

At the same time, Greece is promoting the introduction of a single pan-European vaccination certificate, which will facilitate holidays and business trips for those who have been vaccinated.