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Schoolchildren create video for bicentenial of Greek revolution

Featured Schoolchildren create video for bicentenial of Greek revolution

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution, in March 1821. The thirst for freedom and independence united all Greeks, rich and poor, intellectuals and illiterates, military and political, merchants and church people.

The film entitled "FREEDOM: 200 years since the Greek revolution" is added to the moving short films created every year by the teacher Nikolaos Galanis from Nafplio with his students.

In collaboration with the teacher Nadia Strati and the students of the 2nd Elementary School of Nafplio, they dramatize the heroes we all know, who come to life in front of the cinema lens in the most appropriate setting, in the first capital of Greece, where they literally once walked.

Grandmother Greece tells the story of her grandchildren, today's young people, who helped her wake up from a deep sleep of 400 years. Kolokotronis, Bouboulina, Miaoulis and Kanaris, the Friends, the secret school and many others pass in front of us… And all of them with the background of Palamidi, Bourtzi, Akronafplia and the district of Psaromachalas. In this difficult time we live in, in the midst of controversy and division, children send the message of unity and solidarity, as then, honoring the heroes and heroines who gave everything, even their own lives, for her freedom. homeland.