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Seaplanes finally taking off in Greece

Featured Seaplanes finally taking off in Greece

A new market is opening in Greece, that of seaplanes. A German fund announced that it is investing, through the company AXIONAIR, in the creation of the seaplane airline Grecian Air Seaplanes, with the participation Ms. Maria Toctor and Mr. Anastasios Govas, President of "Hellenic Seaports".

The announcement by Grecian Air Seaplanes
The people of Grecian Air Seaplanes, which undertakes the flight work with seaplanes in our country, note that "It is unthinkable not to fly seaplanes in Greece"

Thanks to its multi-island character and the significant number of lakes it has, our country, with one of the largest coastlines on the planet, 16,000 km long, is an ideal destination for the implementation of this project.

Grecian Air Seaplanes plans to start its flights in early September with 3 amphibious seaplanes, with 19 seats, which will be gradually increase to meet the needs of the whole country.

According to the strategic plan, the company will have a mixed fleet, as some seaplanes will be privately owned and some leased, with the purchase cost of each seaplane amounting to 7 million dollars.

The flights will start from the Ionian, where the first licensed waterways are located and gradually the company's flight work will be extended to other island regions of the country, following the course of licensing waterways in the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, North Sporades and the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

The seaplane is an innovative, flexible, fast and environmentally friendly means, the versatility of which will complement the existing means of transport (airplanes, ships, trains), aiming at the development of a combined transport model that will best serve the movement needs in our country through a unique flying experience.

Grecian Air Seaplanes, in order to meet the existing needs and provide a high level of services, will operate regular flights, charter, tour, hospital, cargo, etc.

It is worth noting that Grecian Air Seaplanes has been staffed by professional pilots and engineers with extensive experience in the field of seaplanes, and has already entered into significant synergies with leading companies in the aerospace industry and the tourism industry in general.

Mr. Dimitris Babakos, one of the main shareholders of the German fund and AXIONAIR, points out: “An innovative project is being implemented with multiple benefits for our country. Our goal is through the operation of Grecian Air Seaplanes and "Hellenic Seaports" to create a very significant number of jobs throughout Greece, contributing substantially to reducing unemployment. In its full development, this project will far exceed 100 million euros. We unite Greece and develop a new tourist product for our country ".

"We are investing because we are convinced of the pro-investment character of the Greek government and we have overcome the bureaucratic reef of all previous years", notes Mrs. Maria Toctor.

"In cooperation with the competent ministries, we are laying a solid foundation to implement a pioneering transport project, which will be the navigator for the tourist, economic, and social development of the Greek islands."We are very happy because we are implementing, through Grecian Air Seaplanes and Hellenic Seaports, a project of national importance that will be one of the main pillars of economic development," she added.