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Farmakonisi's grim remains found!

In an announcement today, the Hellenic Coast Guard, made known on Friday that the boat the carried the illegal immigrants towards Farmakonisi was found as were several of the bodies of the hapless Syrians that attempted the crossing to Greece and drowned.


According, to the announcement, the remains and wreckage were detected by the HN Stravon, a hydrographic naval vessel scouring the area. HN Stravon signaled headquarters which sent a team of the Underwater Demolition Command (DYK=Greek SEALS) that were just hours before reconnoitering ports and beaches, underwater, on Cephalonia, to undertake salvage.

The “frogs” (as they are known) discovered the boat that sunk after capsizing and the bodies of several of the victims at a depth of 73m. They dove using mixed gas units, but even then could only retrieve four bodies, a man, a woman, and two children. Diving again they found more bodies, but were unable to retrieve these.

The divers took footage of the salvage that shows the boat had actually lost its stern in tow.

The four retrieved bodies will be taken to the coroner on Rhodes. The operation will be reevaluated, as the announcement said, in order to weigh further actions necessary to complete it.