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Greece-USA agreement: The key points for the security "umbrella"

Featured Greece-USA agreement: The key points for the security "umbrella"

With another strong alliance, Greece responds to the Turkish provocation, this time with the strongest "player" in the geopolitical "chessboard", the USA.

Nikos Dendias has been in the American capital since yesterday, in order to sign on Thursday the extension of the Greece-US Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement, initially for a five-year period, with the prospect of indefinite validity.

The new agreement provides for the expansion of the US presence in four new hub locations in Greece. Locations that, as government officials emphasize, are of "enormous importance for our country"…

According to information, one of these points is located near the land border with Turkey, and the "bases" will be under Greek control, while they will be used by both American and Greek forces.

The agreement will include, among other things, the mutual protection of territorial integrity and sovereignty, while providing for large US funds that will modernize existing bases for the benefit of both sides.

Statement of support also from Blinken

Extremely important for Greece is the fact that the Agreement will be accompanied by a statement of support of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Greece.

According to information, the US Secretary of State will make a special reference to the safeguarding of Greek sovereign rights and the Law of the Sea.

The positions of Greece

In his meeting with his American counterpart, Nikos Dendias is expected to denounce the Turkish aggression towards Greece and Cyprus, noting the role of the country as a pillar of stability in the region and respectively the role of Turkey as a "turmoil" in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond.

"Greece will continue to protect its sovereignty and sovereign rights, throughout its territory, from any provocation and threat," the foreign minister said in Ankara, shortly before leaving for the United States.

"Greece is a pillar of stability for the USA"

In the government camp, there is satisfaction for the practical support from the United States, with the extension of the Agreement being renewed at a time when Turkey is escalating provocations throughout the region and is"dreamings" of the revival of the "Blue Homeland", and while internationally the backdrop is fluid.

At the same time, diplomatic sources characterize the fact that while the US is turning its attention to the Pacific Ocean (see agreement with the United Kingdom and Australia), it is keeping its interest in Greece undiminished. "This shows that they recognize our country's strategic position in the region and its role as a pillar of stability," said a government official.

The new Agreement with America comes just a few days after the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Agreement between Greece and France, which provides for a mutual defense assistance clause. An agreement that caused great irritation in Turkey, as the new Defense Agreement with the USA is expected to cause.