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Kikilias to Newsweek - We are preparing a National Strategic Plan for tourism development

Featured Kikilias to Newsweek - We are preparing a National Strategic Plan for tourism development

"The strategic priority of the Greek Government is the strengthening of high quality investment plans and the promotion of green entrepreneurship that gives high added value to tourism", stated in an interview given to Newsweek the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias.

To this end, as Mr. Kikilias states, "we have undertaken various initiatives and actions, such as the establishment of a Special Service for the Promotion and Licensing of Tourism Investments and the streamlining of the regulatory framework to facilitate fast-track investments", highlighting as important possibilities for investments in the Greek tourist market, the upgrade and / or the establishment of new hotel units and spa centers, the upgrade of the tourist product aimed at high-end tourism and the special tourist infrastructures, such as tourist ports and marinas, theme parks, sports facilities and conference rooms.

According to the Minister of Tourism, the 10-year strategy of Greece, the National Strategic Plan for Tourism Development 2030, is launched in the midst of a particularly difficult period in terms of challenges and competition and is coordinated with the priorities of the European Recovery Fund, based on needs to develop new financial instruments.

"The main pillars of the National Strategic Plan are to include product development and promotion, accessibility and connectivity, green infrastructure and sustainable tourism development, destination and experience management, tourism education and training, regulatory framework and crisis management, with a holistic government approach. "As the tourism institutions point out, these axes are necessary for the improvement of the management and the quality of our national tourist product", points out Mr. Kikilias.