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The Locals - The first Greek handmade cocktails in a can

Featured The Locals - The first Greek handmade cocktails in a can

"The Craft Spirits Co." firm, the new joint venture of Giannis Hitos (Green Cola) and Giorgos Venieris, has presented in the Greek market The Locals, the first Greek brand in the category of premium craft cocktails.

The Locals are Greek cocktails, which are produced in Kifissia at the facilities of OSC, in the historic factory of Metaxas, it is pointed out in the relevant announcement. The recipes of The Locals have been edited by Aris Hatziantoniou, creator of the cocktail list of MoMix bars. Their distribution starts with four different flavors, in the following days, in organized retail and small retail.

From the bartender to the can

The innovation of The Locals is that they are craft cocktails, which consumers can enjoy at home, at their private party, on their excursion or on their walk outdoors, without having to go to a bar or enjoy them. They are consumed directly from the can and do not need the addition of ice. In the first phase, The Locals will be released in the Greek market in four recipes, with 7% alcohol, natural aromas, without sugar and will be available in single serve cans of 250ml.

"Studying the trends both in Greece and abroad, we found that consumers choose different alcoholic products from those they preferred a few years ago. Packaged cocktails are the new dynamic category worldwide and are projected to grow at double-digit growth rates over the next 5 years. We saw that there is a big gap in the Greek alcohol market of and we decided to create something innovative: authentic, handmade cocktails in cans, with premium ingredients that the consumer can enjoy at home or outdoors ", underscores George Venieris, co -Founder of Craft Spirits Co, concerning the creation of The Locals.

"After 2 years of research, we created our own Greek brand and produce new products in Greece, with authentic recipes from local bartenders that perfectly match the preferences of Greek consumers. We have practically created a new category in alcoholic beverages, unique in terms of ease of consumption on multiple occasions and at the same time at an affordable price. The development of this market is a given and our position from the first moment, definitely brings us one step ahead ", noted Giannis Hitos.

The recipes

The first four recipes created are: Silent Muse, a gin-based cocktail combined with the soft aroma of cucumber and the bitterness of yuzu extract, Pornstar Martini, a fruity cocktail with natural aromas of passion fruit combined with the high vodka and the freshness of lime, Madras, one of the most iconic refreshing cocktails that made its first appearance in the mid-40s and is the perfect blend of high quality vodka, natural cranberry aromas and refreshing orange notes and Pom Royal, the aromatic cocktail made with the finest vodka mixed with the rich taste of pomegranate and spicy ginger extract.