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Police seize arsenal in Turkish immigrant homes

The discovery of weapons and explosives caches in homes in the Athens neighborhood of Gyzi raised the alarm of the anti-terrorism squad of Greek police, resulting in the arrests of four Turkish nationals suspected of terrorism .


As has become known, until this time, police found a “Kalashnikov" (AK 47) assault rifle with three magazines, two submachine guns (one Uzi 9mm, and a Scorpion 7.65mm), three pistols, five pounds of gel explosive, two F1 type grenades, computers and maps of Athens, Alexandroupolis, and Turkey, berets bearing the emblem of the leftist terrorist organization DHKP-C, as well as photographs of the organization .

At the same time, there are heightened concerns about the breadth of the network of Turkish terrorists, given that last Saturday police arrested a 44 year old Turkish national, who is accused of terrorist activity in the country.