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Poll: Constant lead of 11.7% for ND

Featured Poll: Constant lead of 11.7% for ND

Interesting conclusions emerge from the nationwide research of Opinion Poll, which was implemented on behalf of tomanifesto.gr in the period 7 / 2-12 / 2.

According to the research, ND records a steady lead of more than 10 points - but with losses. At the same time, KINAL is consolidating at a high double-digit percentage and is preparing to threaten the second place of SYRIZA.

In particular, in the intention to vote, ND comes first with 31.2% and is followed by: SYRIZA 19.6%, KINAL 14.2%, KKE 7%, HELLENIC SOLUTION 4%, with MERA25 remaining out of Parliament with 2.6 %. With reduction on the valid results the results are: ND 33.2%, SYRIZA 20.8%. KINAL 15.1%, K.K.E 5%. HELLENIC SOLUTION 4.3%, DAY 25 2.8%.

Mitsotakis steady lead

In terms of the popularity of political leaders, Kyriakos Mitsotakis remains first, while he is ahead of Alexis Tsipras in the suitability for the prime minister with almost 20 points.

No to early elections

In the interests of the research is that the majority of the public opinion (63%) rejects SYRIZA's request for early elections, while the majority of the respondents are in favor of an autonomous ND government after the elections or a ND-KINAL cooperation government.

The battle in the Center area

Interesting are the processes at the moment in the space of those who self-identify as Center or Center-Left.

When asked who is best represented by the political leaders in the Center, "no one" is first with 24.2%, followed by K. Mitsotakis with 21.5%, followed by N. Androulakis with 20.5% and third A. Tsipras with 13%.

When asked who best represents the center-left, no one appears first with 28.2% and A. Tsipras leads with 23.9%, followed by N. Androulakis with 21.3%. However, when we focus on those who declare themselves Center-Left, A. Tsipras increases the difference reaching 43.5%, followed by N. Androulakis with 23.3%.

Inflation is problem number one

The first problem that concerns the citizens is the accuracy with 49% with the pandemic being limited to 26.8%. The issues of the Economy follow with 20% and unemployment with 8.6%. It is followed by crime / delinquency with 6.2% as a result of the murder of the young Alkis in Thessaloniki and the case of rape in Thessaloniki that occupied and still occupy the public opinion, the Turkish provocation with 4.7% and the situation of Hospitals, health structures with 4.6%

In this light, it is important that 5.5% state that their financial situation has improved in the last year, 31.8% that it remains the same, while 62.5% state that it has worsened. Also that 19.8% state that they can easily pay the energy bills, 67.9% that they can pay them with difficulty, while 11.6% state that they can not pay them. As well as that 76.8 finds that the consumer products they buy when shopping in a supermarket have increased a lot.

These data show a difficult situation in the financial situation that households are called to face. Against this situation, 27.4% state that they are satisfied with the measures announced by the Government so far, compared to 68.9%.

The overall work of the Government is very satisfactory by 37.5%. 61.6% indicate little or no satisfaction. The highest acceptance percentages are found in those who voted for New Democracy in 2019 with 66.3% and of KINAL with 48.8%.