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Collaboration of the Kalampaka Library with IGlobal University

Featured Collaboration of the Kalampaka Library with IGlobal University

The Kalampaka Library has announced its partnership with IGlobal University in the United States, with the aim of jointly promoting training activities in the field of Information Technology and especially in Cyber ​​Security, the most sought after industry worldwide.

With a clear orientation towards extroversion and the growing demands for research and innovation, the object of the cooperation of the two bodies includes:

A. Postgraduate Scholarships provided by IGlobal University

B. Delivery of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Lifelong Learning Programs from IGlobal University

C. Conducting lectures and organizing symposia, conferences, academic meetings, and workshops

D. Visits by professors, staff members and students of IGlobal University

E. Promotion of collaborations in areas of common interest

F. Other jointly agreed training programs

This collaboration is a significant success for the Library, as it serves its principles for Education, Access, Opportunity for all.