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Economou: Greece will appeal for the "Turkaegean" mark

Featured Economou: Greece will appeal for the "Turkaegean" mark

Government spokesman Giannis Economou announced in advance that Greece would file an appeal within the EU for the Turkaegean brand.

Speaking to SKAI, Mr. Economou stressed that the issue with "Turkaegean" is an unfair commercial practice on the part of Turkey and that there will be an appeal soon. He clarified that "there will be an appeal and we will challenge this move", noting that this is not a recognition of the European Union but a decision of a private office in Madrid.

In fact, the government spokesman stressed "we will move and challenge this decision," said Mr. Economou, noting that order will be restored as it was and with the US decision not to accept to recognize this term or its use.

 Kikilias for Turkaegean: Greece moves to cancel this unacceptable campaign

"I had pointed out from the beginning that the 'Turkaegean''s propaganda campaign has arisen from a lack of imagination of their creators and is part of the Turkish side's unhistorical accusations of escalating aggression through instrumentalization and tourism. For this issue, I was even attacked by anonymous Turkish internet users with insults and offensive characterizations. "Greece is taking all the necessary initiatives and is taking legal action to cancel this unacceptable campaign", stressed the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias.