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Enterprise Greece: Greece is flexible and investor-friendly

Featured Enterprise Greece: Greece is flexible and investor-friendly

The general secretary of International Economic Relations and Outreach and president of Enterprise Greece, Ioannis Smyrlis, mentioned the remarkable resilience that the Greek economy has shown to the unprecedented challenges and crises both at home and at the global level, recording the 3rd largest growth in the Eurozone for 2021. Mr. Smyrlis was speaking at Tax Forum 2022, held in Athens, under the title Tax Agility in a Changing World- Maintaining Sustainable Growth.

Greece, as he emphasized, "is a flexible country, friendly to investors and ready to function as a regional hub" highlighting the importance of fast track procedures.

The tax policy conference was organized by the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Committee for the 18th consecutive year with the participation of speakers from Greece, Europe and the United States.

New investments 

Referring to the pro-investment policy followed by the government, the general secretary pointed out that "the flow of new international funds for investment is expected to increase significantly in the next few years, with the continuous regulatory improvement and the continuation of reforms in matters of fiscal stability, speed of administration of justice, reduction bureaucratic costs, integration of new technologies, digitization in Public Administration, but most importantly by upgrading Greece to investment grade".

As he also pointed out, "foreign direct investments in Greece in the eight months of January-August 2022 increased by 4.7 billion euros, compared to an increase of 3.9 billion euros in the corresponding period of 2021".

In particular, Mr. Smyrlis noted that Enterprise Greece the institutional framework that governs strategic investments, is widely accepted by the business and investment community, accelerating licensing and overcoming past bureaucratic hurdles.