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Economist: Greece rises 9 places in the "democracy index"

Featured Economist: Greece rises 9 places in the "democracy index"

The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest report on the quality of democracy around the world has been published, according to which Greece has moved up 9 places (25th place) in the so-called "democracy index" for 2022, registering a clear improvement and one of the best performance of the Economist index.

More specifically, the country's overall score rose to 7.97 in 2022, up from 7.56 in 2021. Thus, for 2022 Greece ranks 25th, up from 34th in 2021. According to the report, the improvement of the index is depicted in most of the index categories.

In the electoral process and pluralism category, the index improved significantly, with the Authorities promoting civic participation and facilitating the Diaspora's right to vote.

The "functioning of government" is improving significantly with the end of the enhanced surveillance regime the country has been under since 2015.

Pandemic management
The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was excellent, which contributed to the restoration of public trust in political parties and government, which had collapsed during the crisis years.

Tourism, a mainstay of the economy, has recovered significantly, despite the fact that it could have been irreparably damaged if the pandemic was mishandled.

The economic effects of the war in Ukraine
The government handled the economic fallout of the war in Ukraine in 2022, preventing the kind of social and political polarization that characterized the 2010s.

Greece organized an effective vaccination campaign and moved faster than most countries to lift pandemic-related restrictions in time, resulting in improved scores on several indicators in 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Greece was downgraded in the index in 2010, when the Greek public debt crisis led to a political and economic collapse, according to the Economist report