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Laments at the "last farewell" to lieutenant Turoutsikas: "Immortal", people shouted

Featured Laments at the "last farewell" to lieutenant Turoutsikas: "Immortal", people shouted

Mourning and deep sorrow at the funeral of Lieutenant Mario-Michael Turoutsikas at the Holy Church of Prophet Ilias in Tripoli, who lost his life together with Lieutenant Efstathios Tsitlakidis in the fatal Phantom off Andravida last Monday.

His parents arrived at the church holding the photo of their pilot son, while his father kept shouting "my son...".

Who attended the funeral of Marios-Michael Turoutsikas

The funereal ceremony was held in the Holy Church of Prophet Elias, patron of the archbishop of Athens and all Greece Ieronymos and, among others, attended by the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of the official opposition Alexis Tsipras, the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos, the Deputy Minister of National Defense Nikos Hardalias , the head of the Armed Forces, general Konstantinos Floros, the head of the the Air Force, Lieutenant-general (I) Themistoklis Bourolias, the head of the Army, lieutenant general Angelos Houdeloudis, the head of the Navy, vice-admiral Ioannis Drymusis, a number of MPs and representatives of the Local Self-Government, as well as retired and in active officers of the Armed Forces.

His burial will take place at the Agios Ioannis Pikerniou Cemetery.

The coffin with the body of the unfortunate Air Force pilot arrived at the church wrapped in the Greek flag, while people outside the holy temple shouted "immortal!".

The area outside the church was filled with wreaths, while the Air Force was also lined up to pay respects to Lt. Col. Mario-Michael Turoutsika.

Many people arrived early in the church, relatives, friends, figures from the political world of the country, as well as the military leadership.

Tomorrow Friday, the funeral of 31-year-old squadron leader Efstathios Tsitlakides will take place in Nevrokopi.