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“Maestro in Blue” travels to New York to celebrate Christophoros Papakaliatis

Featured “Maestro in Blue” travels to New York to celebrate Christophoros Papakaliatis

By Melina Chalkias

Greeks & Greek Americans from all over the Tri State Area of New York, along with international guests gathered at the Chiotes Hall of the Archiocesan Cathedral in New York City, to celebrate Christophoros Papakaliatis – actor, creator, director, and writer of “Maestro in Blue,” the first ever Greek scripted television series to make an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with streaming platform Netflix.



Produced by MEGA TV, the acclaimed Greek production follows a musician named Orestis, who moves to the island of Paxous to produce a music festival with the locals. Soon, Orestis finds himself entangled in an unexpected love affair and unforeseen crimes in the small community of the island.


The New York event was hosted by the Consulate General of Greece and included a screening of the series’ trailer, followed by a Q&A with master of ceremonies Olga Bornozi and Christoforos Papakaliatis, and ended with a cocktail reception. Some of the distinguished guests included; Father Alex Karloutos, Former Ambassador Of Greece Loucas Tsilas, Pritan Abeoase, CEO of the Hollywood Insider, Yanna Darili, Jimmy Demetro of the Hellenic Film Society, Sam Vartholomeo, star of Bridges & Tunnel, Christopher Andre Marks, Director of King Otto, and many more.

Organized by Capital Link and Success Plan Media, the event was sponsored by media partners “Mega TV,” “To Vima,” “Ta Nea,” “In.gr,” “Oikonomikos Tachidromos,” and “My Radio.”  

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The Consul General, Dinos Konstantinou, stated: “The extremely popular and talented, Christoforos Papakaliatis, is one of the most beloved actors in Greece! Success came at a very early age for Mr Papakaliatis. Restless spirit, constantly evolving, he quickly found himself behind the cameras. His impact as a creator, screenwriter and director on Greek television and film production is undeniable. His stories, fascinating and captivating, are masterfully narrated.


"Maestro", his latest work, brings together all these qualities. The Greek public embraced it immediately. The high standards of the series quickly caught the attention of the international streaming platform Netflix. So, we proudly announce, that this coming Friday, March 17th, Maestro is being launched around the world. Maestro is a milestone for the extroversion of Greek film production. For the first time, a Greek series is launched globally. For the first time, Greek actors will unfold their talent to the international audience.


something such as that is difficult to predict, but from the first day of production he knew that the quality of the show was, in all respects, quite high, and that often serves as a guarantee for a good result. 

Olga Bornozi, Managing Director Capital Link, master of ceremonies of the evening, referred to the great talent of Christoforos Papakaliatis, whose been very successful throughout his career. A fact that has been proven with the series international journey that MAESTRO is making through NETFLIX global platform. Although filmed in Greece, the crucial issues addressed by the series touches every society across the globe.

Olga Bornozi asked Christoforos Papakaliatis several questions, thus triggering an interesting discussion with the guests. Indicative questions to which Papakaliatis answered are "what are his next plans", "What does it mean for MAESTRO and for Greece in general that it becomes a part of Global Netflix?" "What is his special relationship with the Diaspora, noting that the music composer, Costas Christidis, lives in California".

The very successful evening was organized by Capital Link of Nicolas & Olga Bornozi, Success Plan Media and Alter Ego Media.

Maestro” aka “Maestro in Blue” will launch worldwide on Friday, March 17th, 2023, on NETFLIX.


In an interview with New Greek Television, Papakaliatis shared his inspiration for the show, which he said was rooted in reality; amid love stories and family drama, the writer tackles universal, societal issues that impact not only Greece but countries around the world. Themes of domestic violence, homophobia and crime quickly unfold on the vivid island.

Papakaliatis also expressed how proud he is to have promoted a Greek production on the global stage, emphasizing what the Greek omogeneia means to him; he said he’s grateful to have had members of the omogeneia on his team, such as musical composer Kostas Christides, and he believes the show will be loved by all Greeks around the world.

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Papakaliatis has previously stated: “I hold Maestro very close to my heart and I feel deeply honored and happy that this story will travel around the world through Netflix. I’m looking forward to this journey.”

Guests from the film and media industries acknowledged Papakaliatis’ hard-working spirit and unique gift of bringing to the screen the harsh realities of Greek society. Greeks from all over the New York Tri-state area also shared how proud they were to promote Greek culture globally and to watch a show with beautiful scenery on a picturesque Ionian island. They called it “a unique TV production.”

Papakaliatis, alongside other guests, said this Netflix deal, which wasn’t easy coming, is an enormous step that could pave the way to more Greek productions competing on a global level.