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MIT's 25th world conference on technology and startups in Athens

Featured MIT's 25th world conference on technology and startups in Athens

On Thursday 30.03, and Friday 31.03, the proceedings of the 25th conference of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Startup Workshop will be held at the Athens Concert Hall. The annual conference on global technology and startup entrepreneurship is held for the first time in Greece, bringing to Greece MIT's world-renowned expertise in these two fields and creating a knowledge community that provides networking and networking opportunities.

"This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world's best in technology, share invaluable knowledge, and network with like-minded people," says Daniela Gorza, one of the co-directors of MIT GSW. "What we are seeking is to have a serious impact by offering MIT's expertise and knowledge in high technology and entrepreneurship to other markets, an expertise and knowledge that has been of great help in establishing many start-ups at MIT" points out Farhan Khodaee, also a by the co-directors.

The conference

With access to more than 15 panel discussions, prominent keynote speakers and seminars, attendees will gain the collective knowledge of MIT-affiliated experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors. Also, they will have the opportunity to "meet" with a practical experience and share information about the most promising opportunities in technology, as stated in a related announcement by MITEF Greece. Furthermore, it is estimated that this conference can be a unique opportunity for Greece to consolidate its position as an emerging global technological hub. The visibility of our country will be huge and global as this conference is held once a year, in a different country each time. It will bring together entrepreneurs, students, investors and key stakeholders from around the world, as noted in the same announcement.

In particular, Gerasimos Spyridakis, president of MITEF Greece, stated that “this conference is an invaluable resource for startups who wish to develop meaningful relationships within the network of the global startup community and make potentially transformative changes for their business. Every idea discussed at the conference has the potential to revolutionize a startup. So is making connections with influential people and access to resources.”

Continuing on the same lines, Antigoni Molodanov, executive director of MITEF Greece, noted that "MIT GSW is not a simple conference. It's global, it's targeted. It concerns today and "converses" with the future. In the 25 years it has been organized, it has succeeded in creating an ideal destination for the start-up business community worldwide. A knowledge community that provides opportunities to network and connect, but also to explore cutting-edge strategies and solutions. In its 25-year course, it has managed to achieve its goals in the constantly evolving business landscape in which it operates."


In fact, during the two-day conference, a Startup Pitch Competition will take place, where all competing teams will have the opportunity to be promoted and will claim cash prizes and free specialized services. All teams that will be selected will have the opportunity to present themselves during the Technology Presentations of the Conference, while in a specially designed space they will present their product/service which will be pre-selected to participate in the next MITEF accelerator program in October 2023.

The MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) is an annual multi-day conference that brings together entrepreneurs, students, investors and key stakeholders from around the world and aspires to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a host region. Through a series of tailored workshops, panels, and keynote speakers, MIT GSW aims to share the business practices that have enabled thousands of companies to start at MIT.

More information on the conference website: https://gsw.mit.edu/2023/index.php