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Easter holidays: Tourists "invade" Athens

Featured Easter holidays: Tourists "invade" Athens

Thousands of visitors have already flooded Greece to celebrate the traditional Greek Easter holidays.

Athens remains high in the preferences of tourists who have already filled the center of the city, strengthening the optimism of businessmen who see their shops crowded.

A big bet for the country is quality tourism, i.e. tourists who have "full wallets" and fill retail coffers.

Among the more open-handed tourists, according to a report by ANT1 channel, are tourists coming from Australia, who - on average - spend 1,430 euros per person in our country. Canadians follow with 1,267 euros per person, Americans with 1,202 euros per person and Russians with 1,147 euros per person.

"Champions" are the Australians and what they spend per night. More specifically, they spend 110.4 euros per person, followed by tourists from Russia and Canada who spend 104.8 euros per night per person, 100.2 respectively and 98.7 euros per person, which are spent by tourists from USA.

Greeks will celebrate Easter throughout the country

A new historical record is expected to be recorded by the tourist traffic during Easter, as a result of which it will even surpass the levels before the pandemic.

By all means, the Easter "flight" from urban centers is underway, as most areas, both on the mainland and on the islands, have occupancies that even exceed 90%.

According to industry bodies, Greek tourism will most likely exceed the levels of 2019.

Easter with the local customs, was missed by many in the previous years, with the result that several villages this year have their honor. In Parnassos and Arachova the occupancy reaches 80%. “It snowed yesterday, so it's fresh and the ski resort is open. Arachova has 80% occupancy," say the businessmen.

Nafplio, Kastoria, Pieria, Messinia, Xylokastro, Meteora, Porto Heli and Zagorochoria show the greatest demand.

On islands

Mykonos and Santorini may claim significant shares of the incoming tourist stream during the Easter period, however most Greek islands are betting on the Easter holidays to increase their tourist flows and enter the new tourist season auspiciously. Especially island destinations such as Corfu, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, Zakynthos, Chios, Mytilini, Syros, Skyros, Ikaria, Kythira.

Those who choose nearby destinations will have the choice of a cheaper package.

One of them is Poros. Poros can be visited by road, since it is only 160 km from Athens. For Poros, a family of four can go all the way to Galatas and pay 24 euros for gas and 4 euros for tolls. The departures of the small ferries are every 30 minutes, the ticket price is 1 euro for each family member and from 6.5 euro for the car.

If someone chooses the boat, they will pay 32 euros per person, that is, a group of 4 will pay 256 euros round trip.

Easter in religious destinations

There are quite a few who will spend Easter on the island of Megalochari, since this year the occupancy even reaches 100%, as the religious element is particularly strong.

Despite this, many young people have already arrived in Tinos this year. "I think it will be one of the best Easters and our island will be very crowded," say the businessmen.

This year Andros follows the traditions and creates the necessary imposing atmosphere that the days of Holy Week require.

The spectacular fireworks on the night of the Resurrection are not missing from the events. Since March, houses and hotels are getting ready to welcome tourists.

"Occupancy is at 80-90% and the prices are for all sizes".

Easter in Bali

Organized trips to exotic Bali and Cuba have been sold out for two months now.

"Even faraway destinations, like Bali, were in great demand. Cuba was sold out early on. Bali comes in at €2,000 and Cuba at €2,500. Cuba was full two months ago," says the travel agent, Maria Aligaki.

All the data of pre-bookings and bookings of the first quarter, show that 2023 will develop better than the excellent touristic 2022.