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Easter: Favorite destinations for Greeks

Featured Easter: Favorite destinations for Greeks

The Greeks will make a revival in all traditional Greek destinations this year, giving high occupancy rates to those who will experience days of 2019, despite the increased transport costs, as the president of the travel agency federation, Lysandros Tsilidis, told state news agency AMNA.

As he explained, the great mobility of domestic tourism is due to the fact that after 3 years, things return to normal. The hotels are now open and thus the tourist offices were given the opportunity to organize their offer in time.

TUI customers prefer sunny destinations

High demand for tourist packages from tourist bureaus

Mr. Tsilidis emphasizes that all this large exodus of Athenians is obviously not from organized travel agencies. Most of them go to their country houses and family homes, while according to the president of FEDHATTA, the average occupancy in terms of tourist packages inside the country is 85%, while abroad it is 75%.

At this point it should be emphasized that the cost for a 4-day vacation through a travel agency starts at this period from 220 euros per person and reaches 520 euros, depending on the destination and the category of accommodation. Regarding the issue of increased costs, Mr. Tsilidis notes that there are households that make a trip every three years and some others that travel every year. “There is an audience that can travel and an audience that cannot travel. These have always existed", notes Mr. Tsilidis.

Where  Greeks will go for Easter

Corfu is the protagonist again this year. The island is known for its traditional Easter customs. On a domestic level, the greatest demand is registered at Nafplio, Kastoria, Pieria, Messinia, Xylokastro, Meteora, Porto Heli, Zagorochoria, but also island destinations such as Corfu, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, Zakynthos, Chios, Mytilini, Syros, Skyros, Kythira.


As far as foreign destinations are concerned, Greeks prefer European destinations such as Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, the south of France, Paris, Budapest, Strasbourg, Cyprus, Vienna, Bruges and also America. In addition, Jerusalem, Constantinople and Egypt, due to their Patriarchates, are for another year a pole of attraction for Greeks, in the context of the religious ideal. At this point, Mr. Tsilidis mentions that organized trips abroad organized by tourist offices have reached 75% in 2019, while trips to exotic destinations have also recovered.

According to Hellenic Hoteliers Federation-POX, the occupancy of the open hotels of most Easter destinations in the country will range from 70% to 90% during the Easter period, while in some cases they will reach 100%.

High occupancy in almost all destinations in Greece

Corfu, Mykonos, Central Greece, Peloponnese will star in tourist flows this Easter, however most Greek destinations are betting on the Easter days to increase their tourist flows and enter the new tourist season with the right hand.

Speaking to AMNA, mayors from Greek destinations give their impression of the tourist traffic during the Easter days.

Tinos: 90% occupancy in rooms for rent

As every year, this year's traffic to Tinos is constantly increasing.

Especially for the days of Easter, according to data from the professional associations, the occupancy of rooms for rent reaches 90%, while in hotels it is currently at 80%, notes the mayor of the island, Yiannis Siotos, to APE-MPE.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to Greek travelers, there is also great interest in the island from visitors from Germany, France and Switzerland, says the mayor of Tinos.

Elafonissos: The island is waiting visitors for Easter

On the second 15th of April there are several online reservations, more than in previous years from markets abroad.

Several restaurants have already opened in Elafonissos, even since Clean Monday, for the first time compared to previous years. During this period and for the days of Easter, non-residents are also expected to celebrate on the island, the mayor of the island, Efi Liarou, reports to AMNA.

Ancient Olympia: Accommodation at 100% occupancy
Occupancy at Ancient Olympia's accommodation on Holy Monday was around 70% and it is certain that by Holy Saturday it will have reached 100%, according to the mayor Giorgos Georgiopoulos. This is because spring is the ideal time to visit Ancient Olympia.

Ancient Greeks chose to create this great sanctuary in a beautiful natural environment, as befits the first of their gods, Zeus. Thus, an Easter visit to the area of the Municipality of Ancient Olympia does not only have a reference point for the rich historical and archaeological stock.

Paros: Thousands of visitors to the island at Easter again this year

Paros is ready to welcome again this year the thousands of visitors who will choose to spend Easter 2023 on our wonderful island, the island's mayor Markos Kovaios reported to AMNA.

The natural landscape, the imposing mysticism, the traditions, the ageless customs and the famous Parian hospitality guarantee that our guests will experience a unique experience that will forever be etched in their memories.

The accommodation and catering businesses have been properly prepared to host those who come to the island in an even way, while the Municipal Authority has also worked hard throughout the previous period so that Paros is ready to welcome the visiting friends. Particular emphasis was placed on issues of safety, health and cleanliness, highlights the Mayor.