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SYRIZA's Tsipras flirts with neo-Nazis

Featured SYRIZA's Tsipras flirts with neo-Nazis

The mention of Alexis Tsipras that he wants to "win over" former Golden Dawn voters caused upheaval and political shock.

In fact, the president of SYRIZA in his "opening" to "ordinary people, who were convinced by Golden Dawn in the past" included those who "adopted part of its practice and ideology"!

The shock became even greater when, a short time later, Ilias Kasidiaris, who was imprisoned for participating in the criminal organization posing as a party, gave a line to his voters, not only not to abstain from the elections, but to "vote against Mitsotakis".

In fact, Alexis Tsipras raised tones even more in his interview yesterday on Mega's main news bulletin, when, regarding the possibility of a preliminary investigation, he "photographed" Mr. Mitsotakis as one of the persons who will be summoned in the event of a resurgence of SYRIZA.

"Even if the Court has not taken a step, I think it is clear that we must take the political responsibility of a progressive parliamentary majority to set up a Pre-Investigation, with the main people responsible for this scandal, which are the Prime Minister and the ministers who managed the case she" he said characteristically.

Yiannis Oikonomou (New Democracy parliamentary candidate and former government representative) emphasized that Alexis Tsipras is isolated, which "is seen with the special purpose government, with the wink of the Kasidiari party. His refusal to join the rest of the forces in blocking this party did not stop there, it continued."

It all started when the president of SYRIZA, speaking to Mega and Rania Tzima and Yiannis Pretenderis, was asked about the position he took on the issue of the banning of the "Hellenes" party of Ilias Kasidiaris and whether he wants the votes of the neo-Nazi formation of Golden Dawn and of the Hellenes party, of Ilias Kasidiaris.

"The fight against fascism is a daily battle. And our goal is to take those people who would vote for Golden Dawn, to win them over from the lines of the Far Right and from the lines of anti-democratic ideology and attitude and to explain to them that voting for Golden Dawn is not anti-systemic. They are not at all anti-systemic those who deal with judges all of a sudden. Mr. Kanellopoulos was almost their leader, he was also a chief judge. So, the ordinary people, who were convinced by Golden Dawn in the past period and adopted part of its practice and ideology, we give a daily struggle to win them over, we do not oppose them. We are confronting the criminals, the murderers, their practices."