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Greek Elections 2023: The dynamics of the parties ahead of June 25

Featured Greek Elections 2023: The dynamics of the parties ahead of June 25

The countdown to the June 25 polls has begun, with parties shaping their strategy by posing new dilemmas and trying to woo disgruntled voters as well as those undecided about what to vote for.

The election result of May 21 caused a strong shock to SYRIZA, brought smiles to New Democracy, PASOK and KKE while at least two parties found themselves on the threshold of entering the Parliament.

The parties are trying to correct the mistakes made in the first elections with each of them setting different goals.

New Democracy has set as its primary goal to manage to secure a strong and self-sufficient government, SYRIZA is fighting to overturn the previous bad result, while PASOK has set the bar high by claiming - as top party officials say - to be in its place opposition officer.

The Metron Analysis poll, which was presented last night at MEGA, showed how the dynamics of the parties are shaping up ahead of the new elections.

One of the main conclusions of the poll is that the correlations of the previous elections do not change.

New Democracy continues to lead with a huge margin over SYRIZA, which does not show, at least so far, signs of recovery despite the self-criticism for the mistakes made and the drawing up of the new strategy.

Specifically, in terms of voting intention, New Democracy gets a percentage of 35.8%, while SYRIZA marks a new drop compared to the previous elections, reaching 16.7%.

PASOK, which has set itself the goal of being close to or even surpassing SYRIZA, is at 10.2%. Communist party KKE trusts 6.7%, while the Hellenic Solution, which recedes to 3.8%.

Seven-party Parliament?

One of the first surprises in the latest poll, is that Pleussi Eleftherias and Niki seem to be entering the Parliament, registering 4.2% and 3.3% respectively in the vote intention.

As for MePA25, it seems that so far it is not developing momentum to enter the Parliament, as it only reaches 2.2%.

With regard to the vote estimate, New Democracy exceeds the percentage it got in the elections and reaches 41%. SYRIZA is at 19.1% from 20.1% and PASOK at 11.7%, marginally increased.

New rise for the KKE which reaches 7.6% from 7.2% in the elections and the Hellenic Solution to 4.4%, with a decrease of only 0.1%.

The Victory party, the surprise of the elections as it narrowly did not enter the Parliament, now reaches 3.8%, while Freedom Sailing "climbs" to 4.8% from 2.9% in the elections.

MeRA 25 αt 2.5% without upward trends in order to cross the "threshold" of 3% and at 5.1% the other parties, therefore those who do not enter the Parliament are at 7.6%.

What a new GPO poll shows

Another GPO poll on Parapolitics confirms that the correlations in view of the new elections do not change, while it also seems to show seven parties entering the Parliament.

More specifically, in terms of voting intention, New Democracy collects 41.1%, SYRIZA 20.7%, PASOK 11.4%, KKE 6.3%, Hellenic Solution 3.6%, Niki seems to be barely passing the entrance threshold of the Parliament 3.1%, Freedom Sailing 4.3%, MeRA25 1.6%, another party 1.5%, White Invalid 1.1% and Undecided 5.3%.