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Varvitsiotis pledges to facilitate Greek shipping during handover ceremony

Featured Varvitsiotis pledges to facilitate Greek shipping during handover ceremony

The new Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Miltiadis Varvitsiotis presented his priorities for the next period at noon, during the ceremony of handing over the Ministry of Shipping from the acting minister Th. Kliaris. The event was attended by all the representatives of the Greek shipping agencies.

Mr. Varvitsiotis mentioned that above all we should make Greek shipping one of the most productive sectors of our country, by upgrading the services provided.

"As Stratis Myrivilis has aptly written, all the seas of the world are Greece, all the waves know the keels of Greek ships and that is why for me it is particularly exciting to return here to Piraeus, taking on the responsibility of the administrative body of Greek shipping , with the aim and vision of facilitating and facilitating Greek shipping as much as we can" he said.

"Standing by local communities"

He also said that the Ministry of Shipping also plays a very important role in the interconnection of insular Greece and its development, expressing his absolute satisfaction that an elected representative of the Dodecanese, Yiannis Papas, is working with him as Deputy Minister of Shipping.

"I assure the local communities of the islands that in this ministry they will have their ministry. We will be by their side to deal with all the living problems that the islanders have," he said.

The new Minister of Shipping said the marine tourism industry should be supported, adding that today millions of people choose our country for their holidays and they should feel safe on land and sea and we want them to receive high level services.

Regarding the development of ports, he said that a modern island policy must be developed that will meet the needs of the future and will show exactly the developmental role that the ports can play for the growth of the Greek economy.

He also added that our country is becoming the energy hub of Europe, as the Greek-owned liquefied gas transport ships were the answer to Russia's recent extortions towards Europe and of course to the great challenge we have to defend the rights in the EEZ in the Aegean and south-eastern Mediterranean .

Coast Guard

Referring to the Coast Guard, he expressed his full support, adding that in his person they should see a man who has embraced their work, has trusted their abilities and a man who will support them in what they do best, beyond the administration of the ministry, to save human lives at sea.

For me, the protection of the maritime borders from all kinds of scheming is clearly a priority, along with ensuring that not a single one will be found to raise a negative finger pointing at the officers of the Coast Guard and casting any criticism, added Mr. Varvitsiotis.

"Immigration must be understood and accepted as the responsibility of Europe as a whole, which should be managed with unity, solidarity and determination," said outgoing Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Th. Kliaris.

Highlighting the tragic incident of the sinking of the trawler transporting migrants, 47 miles SW of Pylos, Mr. Kliaris expressed his sincere sorrow to the families of the victims and the missing, adding that the Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard was called upon to manage one of the his most difficult operations.

He added that after 37 years of service in the Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard, he can assure that all operational actions of the Corps are conducted with full respect for international law and human rights, and with absolute priority the protection of human life.

Referring to the difficult work of the porters, he said that there are no words to describe the real working conditions of the corps. He emphasized that the Greek Coast Guard has saved hundreds of thousands of human lives in recent years at sea and there is gratitude in the eyes of the rescued when they step on land.