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Tsipras resigns as SYRIZA chief after electoral debacle

Featured Tsipras resigns as SYRIZA chief after electoral debacle

Alexis Tsipras announced his decision to resign from the presidency of SYRIZA, in his statements in Zappeio after the meeting of the Executive Office at party HQ at Koumoundourou Square.

Alexis Tsipras said that there are times when you have to make critical decisions.

Tsipras statements:

The president of SYRIZA emphasized that he did not take his decisions in the heat of the moment and that he tortured them on his pillow because they do not only concern him.

Then Mr. Tsipras pointed out that there must be an end to the attitudes

"It is necessary to invent a new SYRIZA that will read the new challenges of the time and meet the expectations", he noted.

"I took over at the age of only 34 a small party of the left, the journey we took together was dangerous many times, but also exciting", said Alexis Tsipras and pointed out that SYRIZA was the first left-wing party to govern in Europe and he himself was the first left-wing prime minister in Greece.

Alexis Tsipras emphasized that he is proud of "that we succeeded" and referred to the exit from the Memoranda and the Prespa Agreement.

"This trip left a mark on history," said Alexis Tsipras and emphasized that there were victories and defeats throughout this time.

"The electoral defeat, paradoxical as it may seem, will mark the beginning of the new cycle of SYRIZA", said Alexis Tsipras.

"Let's reorganize immediately, let no day be lost," said Mr. Tsipras and spoke of the new SYRIZA, which is a priority.

"I understand the need for a new wave of SYRIZA and I decided to step aside to let it pass," he said.

Alexis Tsipras has confirmed that he is resigning from the leadership of SYRIZA and that he will not be a candidate for party president in the upcoming elections.

He pointed out that he has confidence in the executive potential of SYRIZA and underlined that he will be next to this whole process, "the battle for ideas is not defined by the chair you hold", he underlined.