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Tsipras's resignation: The next day and the procedures for new party president

Featured Tsipras's resignation: The next day and the procedures for new party president

After the initial numbness in SYRIZA brought on by the sudden move of Alexis Tsipras to resign from the leadership of the party while declaring at the same time that he will not be a candidate in the procedures that will follow for the election of a new president, all eyes are on the next day in Koumoundourou.

Alexis Tsipras: What the international media are writing about his resignation - "He is leaving after losing the elections"

With the ND having taken over the government of the country for another four years, SYRIZA is looking for its new "identity" with Alexis Tsipras giving the signal for renewal at all levels, with him, as he said, stepping aside to pass the new wave.

Alexis Tsipras, in a move that surprised even his closest associates, announced yesterday that he will not be a candidate in the internal party elections that will take place in the next period in SYRIZA.

Although the evening after the June 25 elections, Alexis Tsipras declared himself "present" for the next day and it was not clear that he would leave the leadership of the party, in the end it seems that he had second thoughts, in his decision not to be candidate in the internal party procedures that will follow.

It remains to be seen from what Alexis Tsipras will say in the coming days, what were the reasons that led him to this decision, which shocked all SYRIZA cadres as despite the bad result in the elections for SYRIZA, no one questioned him.

Tsipras himself gave a first impression yesterday about his decision. "There are certain moments when you have to make critical decisions. Where you are called to stand against history, towards those you walked with, towards those who believed in you and placed expectations on you. In the face of yourself. But also towards those you fought and who fought you" he said to add.

"I now have the experience not to take these decisions in the heat of the moment. To take them to my pillow and tackle them. To decide calmly. And that's what I did for three days."

The nomenclature for succession seems to have begun. As always, when internal party processes begin to elect a new president in a party, names for succession begin to be heard. However, no one has been appointed so far and what is heard is at the level of scenarios.

What is important at this moment - as everyone recognizes - is for the party to move together, to discuss the causes of the defeat and to search for the new "identity" of SYRIZA, thus proceeding with sweeping changes at all levels, so that it can win again disaffected voters, to once again become a force that can claim power but also exercise a tough opposition until the next elections.

The report and the next day

In his speech at Zappeio Hall, he took stock of the period of the SYRIZA government, declared that he was proud of what the country had achieved during this time and gave the signal for the following day, characteristically saying that "the electoral defeat, as paradoxical as it may seem, will mean the beginning of the new cycle of SYRIZA".

He made special reference to the exit from the memoranda and the regulation of the debt but also to the Prespa Agreement.

He admitted that the "difficult journey" during the period of the SYRIZA government had both compromises and difficult decisions, while for the next day in SYRIZA, he said that the electoral body gave a double mandate. To respond to the role of the official opposition and to change drastically, if it wants to reclaim the government with claims.

Speaking about the day after for SYRIZA, Mr. Tsipras emphasized that "we must not allow a single day to be lost both in the confrontation with the ND government and in the confrontation with our own weaknesses, pathologies and problems".

He spoke of a process of deep renewal and re-establishment, "which will embrace all members of the party, but also the friends and social groups we want to represent".

Alexis Tsipras also added that "this conviction of mine for the need for a process of deep renewal and re-establishment would be hypocritical to propose only with my words, if I do not serve it at the same time with my attitude. I too understand the need for a new wave of SYRIZA. And I decided to step aside for him to pass" he noted visibly moved.

In this context, he decided to propose the election of a new leadership by the members of the Party, as stipulated in its statute, without being a candidate himself.

How will the procedures go?

However, until we get to the election of a new president in SYRIZA, specific procedures will be followed which, among other things, concern meetings of party bodies.

In the first phase, the Political Secretariat will meet immediately, everything points to the weekend, where the "road map" for the procedures to be followed is expected to be drawn up.

The order will be the Political Secretariat (PG), then the Central Committee (CE), while by July 6, when the programmatic statements of the Prime Minister will take place and be delivered to the Parliament, a new president of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group will have been elected, with the name of Olga Gerovasilis should be the one that sounds the most likely.

The next step is to determine the time and content of the conference with the big question remaining whether we will go to fast procedures.