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Dismembered corpse found in recycling unit trash on Crete

Featured Dismembered corpse found in recycling unit trash on Crete

An incredible thriller has been ongoing since yesterday, Tuesday, July 18, in Akrotiri Chania, as a human head was found on the recycling belt of the local recycling facility, among the items being sorted.

According to neakriti.gr information, initially there was information that it was a woman's head, but then, after an examination by the medical examiner, it turned out that the head belongs to an unidentified man, possibly of Asian origin, who has been dead for 10 days. A few hours later, a bag was found with his lower limbs and other organs (entrails). However, the heat of the last few days may have affected the organic process and the head could have been cut off in a shorter time.

The Police sounded the alarm, looking for the body parts of the decapitated man in other bins - not only of the Recycling bin but also of organic waste in the city of Chania and all other areas.

Lately there has been no declaration of disappearance, however the first image from the findings show the direction of the investigation moving towards solving a heinous crime.

Chania: The chronicle of the discovery of the dismembered body

The man's head was found packed in a plastic bag at about 3:30 yesterday (18/7) in the afternoon. At exactly the same minute, DEDISA employees in a state of shock from the gruesome discovery called the Police, who cordoned off the area until the medical examiner arrived at the scene, who determined that it was a man of around 30-40 years old, while the bag in which the human head was packed.

For the Police, the goal is to identify the deceased and find the rest of the body of the decapitated man, who appears to be a victim of criminal activity, according to the first estimates.

The human limbs were "loaded" from the area of Rethymnon

According to information from cretalive.gr, the garbage truck with the dismembered human parts that were found at noon on Tuesday (18/7) at the recycling plant came from the area of Rethymnon. This is what the investigations of the Authorities have concluded with certainty, based on what the recycling workers have testified.

For the time being, Chania Security Police officers remain at the DEDISA facilities who, together with employees of the inter-municipal enterprise, continue to search through tons of waste and a terrible stench for the remaining human members. And this is a process that is estimated to take days.

Chania: Recycling workers are in a state of shock

“I was informed by the shift supervisor that a human dismembered corpse was found on the material sorting belt. The production process was immediately stopped and the Police Department of Chania was duly informed. There were three workers on the sorting line who brought the human limbs. He was in a state of shock. Like all of us (...) From the side of the business, we will help the families of the employees", said the recycling plant general manager Kostas Paterakis to zarpanews.gr on Tuesday (18/7).