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British couple and their two children have left all behind and are living on a boat in Greece

Featured British couple and their two children have left all behind and are living on a boat in Greece

A couple gave up their stressful lives and jobs in Britain and moved with their two children on a yacht in Greece, touring the Aegean and Ionian islands.

And after leaving their "9-5" routine, they couldn't be happier.

Laura and Ross Colledge decided to set sail because they were worried that their family was too disconnected.

 How the family made the decision
"Ross was working more than 50 hours a week and we were like ships in the night," Laura told What's the Jam. "He could feel the years of our children slipping away before his eyes and he missed so much," she added.

The parents wanted to provide "an exciting, adventurous, non-consumptive upbringing" for their children, to "make them more global," while also meeting their "additional educational needs"—one of their sons has ADHD and perhaps autism high functionality.

 Holly blue

So the family mortgaged their newly renovated house, bought a 2005 Bavaria 42 yacht and moved to Greece in the summer of 2019.

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What is family life like on a boat in Greece?
The Colledge family started their journey from Mykonos, crossed the Aegean and the Dodecanese and finally settled in the Ionian Islands.

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"We were both water babies as surfers and kayakers in Newquay for many years, so we were always drawn to the ocean," Laura said of their previous life in south-west England.

The Colledges have been roaming the Greek islands for five years and have grown to love the lifestyle, despite the unpredictability that has been added to their daily lives.

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“Sailing life is very variable, so work-life balance is difficult,” admitted Laura.

“Maintaining any sort of routine is a challenge. You have to be able to become a "chameleon" when the weather or other circumstances require a change of plan."

 Ross is the captain of the family boat, while Laura is his mate. Both are directors of BoatFit, an online health and fitness website, and Sailing Holly Blue, which chronicles their adventures on the water.

Noah is currently homeschooled and Josh attends an online virtual high school as they work together, making friends of all ages from all over the world.

"Once we get residency here in Greece, we plan to spread our wings further," said Laura.

The family plans to eventually get a bigger boat when the boys outgrow their current boat, but in the meantime, they've made several additions to better accommodate the family.

"We've included solar power, lithium-ion batteries, a water generator and more that mean we can live completely off-grid, free of charge, and self-sufficient," said Laura, noting that most of the renovations were made possible by working with sponsors from the bills them on social media.

As for their mental health, Mom says that “there is nothing more fundamental than being so close to nature and at the mercy of the elements. Everything else becomes so insignificant,” Laura said.

“And when it comes to relationships, you'll soon find out if the person you're with is your soulmate. Sailing is a 24/7 pressure cooker, and not only do you have to learn to pick your battles, but where you want and you won't compromise,” he added.

"Your relationship deepens to an incredible level, and the respect—as well as the admiration for each other—strengthens as well."