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Wildfires in Greece: The situation in Rhodes is difficult

Featured Wildfires in Greece: The situation in Rhodes is difficult

Firefighters, volunteers and residents are battling flames for yet another day. The fire in Rhodes is still ongoing, the fire in Sparta is in remission, while the firefighters are on alert for possible flare-ups in Western Attica and Loutraki.

Destruction of thousands of acres of forest lands, homes and businesses is the mark left behind by the fires of these days, while the "Kleon" heat wave enters its second phase from today.

The situation by front

In Western Attica, the situation has improved. Despite this, strong firefighting forces remain on the frontlines for fear of flare-ups.

In Loutraki, the situation is very good, with the fire brigade still on alert although there is no active front.

In Sparta, the fire that started from Lefkohoma, is in remission thanks to the intervention of the Fire Department.

In Rhodes, the fire is raging uncontrollably. The fire is developing in the central forest ecosystem of the island, strong ground forces are working, while five aircraft and four helicopters have been working from the air.

Aid from abroad

Two Air-Tractor firefighting aircraft are expected to arrive from Israel within the day (20/7) following the relevant request submitted by our country at a bilateral level to the competent Israeli authorities for more effective treatment of forest fires.

In addition to the request to the European Civil Protection Mechanism for aerial assistance, Greece submitted on Tuesday (18/7) an additional request to send on foot units and firefighting vehicles.

The activation of the European Mechanism was immediate and the following countries responded - also immediately - to the Greek request:
• Poland, which provided an infantry division with 149 firefighters, as well as 49 vehicles

• Romania, which provided an infantry unit with 40 firefighters, as well as 5 vehicles

• Slovakia, which offered a foot division with 31 firefighters and 15 vehicles.

The first firefighters from Romania arrived at the military airport of Elefsina, while the relevant missions, accompanied by fire engines, are expected to be in Greece in their entirety by Friday.

With reference to the European aerial assistance, it is recalled that on Tuesday a total of four CL-415 aircraft were sent to our country through rescEU, two from Italy and two from France, which normally participated on Wednesday in extinguishing the fires.