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Greek fan murder: What the authorities are hoping for to find the killer – Speculations on the fatal stabbing

Featured Greek fan murder: What the authorities are hoping for to find the killer – Speculations on the fatal stabbing

So far and despite the fact that 105 people have been remanded in custody for the events in Nea Philadelphia, it has not been possible to identify the perpetrator of the murder.

Police are also trying to obtain material from the mobile phones of the Croatian hooligans, hoping that he will be able to find usable evidence that will lead them to the man who took the life of the 29-year-old AEK fan.

What are the authorities hoping for to find the killer

The authorities are pinning their hopes on identifying the perpetrator in the evidence from the approximately 60 objects that have been seized and collected around the perimeter of the AEK stadium, in order to match them with the persons who possessed them.

In fact, the authorities estimate that the DNA of 29-year-old Michalis may be found on two switchblades that have been found and confiscated.

One belongs to arrested persons of Albanian origin and the second to a 23-year-old Croatian.

There is hope that a DNA sample of the 29-year-old may be found in them, making it possible to identify the perpetrator of his murder.

The investigations of the authorities are focused on these two knives, since, as it is known, the DNA samples from the 29-year-old's clothes or from his fingernails are extremely difficult to identify with those of the arrested.

They are "dusting" the mobile phones of the Croats

At the same time, the Authorities are "dusting off" the mobile phones of the Croats, hoping that they might find some video from the moment of the murder of Michalis Katsouris.

So far, from the videos that the authorities have in their hands, according to information, the figure of the person who inflicted the fatal stabbing on 29-year-old Michalis can be seen.

The perpetrator, according to the same information, is tall, robust and has a tattoo on his neck.

The fatal blow to Michalis

However, police officers. they estimate the fatal blow to the 29-year-old Michalis, that it happened in the first stage of the attack by the Croatian hooligans against the fans of AEK.

The perpetrator, according to information reported by SKAI channel, seems to have hit the 29-year-old without physical contact or a fight between them.

As they say, the attacker gave him the fatal stab when he found the opportunity while the incidents and the attack of the Croatian hooligans were in progress.
All of this, of course, remains to be proven in the next few hours and from the new analyzes carried out at police HQ.

Michalis' mother is shocked

Meanwhile, the mother of the deceased Michalis Katsouris appeared devastated, in her first words after the murder of her son by the Croatian hooligans of Dinamo Zagreb.

Michalis's mother asked for justice for the unjust loss of her entrails and asked to find her son's killer.

"I ask for justice. To find this man who did this harm to my child," he initially said speaking to the Star's main newscast.

Michalis' mother was shocked by describing the moment she learned the tragic news and collapsed and had to be hospitalized. "I collapsed. I was in the hospital for two days. I'd rather end up with my child. My life stopped there when I lost my child. Now I run to the cemetery and light his candle," she said, "breaking" hearts.

His brother Michalis is also asking for justice

"I ask that justice be done in memory of my brother. My brother had gone to have a coffee with his friends. It was his second home there and the Croats entered his house and he tried to defend himself," said his brother Michalis, also speaking to Star channel.

"I believe in the Greek Justice. I don't believe that it heeds [the threats of] the president of Croatia, etc. I believe that Justice will do its job," he added.

"I want the man who killed my brother to be handed over and then everything will be handled by justice. I have nothing else to say", concluded his brother Michalis.