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Greek fan murder:What Croatian hooligans' cellphones show

Featured Greek fan murder:What Croatian hooligans' cellphones show

Hellenic Police investigations continue with unabated intensity. for the identification of the hooligan who killed the 29-year-old AEK sports fan Michalis Katsouri in New Philadelphia.

The authorities are trying to make use of all the new evidence that comes to light, while also "dusting" the mobile phones of the Croatian hooligans who participated in the attack against the AEK fans.

The authorities are already obtaining important information from the fingerprints on the defendants' mobile phones, as well as from the calls and messages they exchanged in the last month before their raid.

What the mobile phones of Croatian hooligans show

The first results from the geolocation systems of the mobile phones show the itinerary of the Croatian hooligans who seem to have been looking for addresses in Igoumenitsa, Piraeus and also parking in Bari and Ancona in Italy.

Furthermore, they were reportedly looking for two specific addresses in Athens, specifically in Lycabettus and Marousi.


Through mobile phones, the authorities hope to reach elusive hooligans.

In fact, according to information, the police believe that their leader, originally from Bosnia, seems to be among the elusive fans, but so far they have no evidence to show that he has managed to get out of Greece.


New data about the death squad

At a time when the authorities are trying in every way to locate the killer of 29-year-old Michalis, new videos and photos of the attack by Croatian hooligans in New Philadelphia, but also of the last dramatic moments of Michalis before he lost his life from the fatal stab.

MEGA secured videos and photos from the bloody episodes, but also from the moment the unfortunate Michalis arrived at a kiosk in New Philadelphia, shortly after he had received the knife.

The new visual material released by MEGA is shocking and shows frame by frame the last steps of the 29-year-old AEK fan in the murderous attack against him on the night of Monday 07/08 in New Philadelphia.

Michalis Katsouris is seen running with others being chased by Dinamo Zagreb hooligans who beat up anyone in their way.


Half a minute later, the 29-year-old can be seen taking refuge at the back of a booth as he has already received the stab wound to the arm that ultimately led to his death.

The new footage from the AEK stadium's security cameras captures the moment when the Croats attack the Greek fans who are running and trying to escape.


Among them is Michalis Katsouris.

As he runs to escape the hordes of Croats, he is hit on the head with a club.

Exactly twice, at a minimal distance from him, another AEK fan. The clock shows 23.08.

Another camera records what is happening in front of the stadium. 30 seconds into the previous shot, the unfortunate young man is seen taking off the helmet he is wearing.

He makes a gesture looking at his left hand. Then he looks at his shirt again. He has just realized what has happened. He has already received the stab of his killer.


He walks towards the footbridge and has now moved away from the scene of the attack.

The 29-year-old Michalis, still conscious, heads towards a kiosk to protect himself from the fury of the hooligans.

The left side of his shirt is covered in blood. He goes and falls behind a refrigerator. Get help. People who arrive at the scene try to stop the bleeding by tying a belt around his arm. However, Michalis Katsouris' endurance is now minimal. He is lying on the pavement. An ambulance arrives at the scene, but it is already too late.


"I'm looking for my son's killer in the videos"

The mother of 29-year-old Michalis shocks by talking about her son's murder, while with her new statements she confesses that she watches the videos from the incidents in Nea Philadelphia and tries to identify her son's killer.

Speaking to Star channel, she says she is trying to identify the man who stabbed her son from among the "strike squad" of Croatian hooligans.

"What I saw in the released videos is madness. I look at them, I look at them again, to see who is the murderer of my child", she says.

Michalis' mother even complains about the police's failure to intervene to save her child. "If the police had been there, my child would have been saved. There was no ambulance at that time, there was only a private person, with whom I spoke," he says.