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Mitsotakis-Modi decide to double bilateral trade and deepen strategic relationship between Greece and India

Featured Mitsotakis-Modi decide to double bilateral trade and deepen strategic relationship between Greece and India

Greece is the eastern gateway to Europe and offers a huge opportunity to India, as the European country that is closest to this great economic superpower, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday after his meeting with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The first goal - as the prime minister said - is to double, within the next four years, bilateral trade with India, which has significant room for improvement.

 Mitsotakis also emphasized that Greece's relationship with India is turning into a relationship of strategic importance.

"It is a great honour to welcome you four decades after the last visit of an Indian leader to Greece. Our meeting today is a new starting point in the relations between Greece and India," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday after his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Maximos Mansion.

"We have the great pleasure to upgrade our cooperation into a strategic relationship. Greece and India are ready to proceed side by side," he added.

"Our relations have improved over the last years. There is so much more we can do together. From economy and defence to tourism and culture, cooperation in the agricultural sector to joint defence against the consequences of climate change. Thank you for your solidarity," Mitsotakis underlined.

"The spectrum of our common bilateral interests is wide. To turn today's possibilities into tangible realities," he stressed.

The prime minister said that they agreed that they fully adhere to international law and the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

"Intensifying transnational economic contacts, we discussed to have a direct air contract," Mitsotakis said among others.

The prime minister pointed out that there is a very dynamic Indian community living in Greece. "The state has the size of an Asian giant while ours is the dynamic eastern gateway of Europe", emphasized Mitsotakis.

"India has made huge progress," he said and congratulated the conquest of the south pole of the Moon. Regarding Greece, he said that we have left the crisis behind, we will soon regain the investment grade status. 

On his part, Narendra Modi expressed his condolences for the loss of human lives in the wildfires in Greece. "It is normal for Greece and India to have a friendly relationship. They have ancient commercial and cultural relations. The basis of our relations is strong and ancient," he said.

The Indian prime minister underlined that they have synergy on a number of issues. "As friends we understand and respect each other's feelings. Today, we decided to upgrade our relationship to a strategy. To strengthen our cooperation in defence, security, infrastructure, education. In the field of defence and security, we agreed to strengthen our military relations and defence industries as well," he added, among other things.

Modi stressed that there is huge potential for doubling bilateral trade by 2030. "We can elevate our economic and industrial cooperation," he added.

Narendra Modi noted that an agreement on mobility and migration will be signed soon. "We will promote culture and educational relations between our educational institutions," he continued while saying that Greece supports India's trade agreements.

"I am grateful to the prime minister for his wishes and for encouraging India's chairmanship of the G20," Modi stated.

"Both countries have made important contributions to the field of Democracy. Once again I want to thank the Prime Minister and the people of Greece for the warm hospitality in this beautiful and historic city, Athens," the Indian prime minister said.