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Austrian newlyweds missing in storm stricken Thessaly

Featured Austrian newlyweds missing in storm stricken Thessaly

There is no end to the suffering of the relatives of Philip and Mikaela, a newly married couple of Austrians, whose traces are still being sought in Pelion, after the severe wave of bad weather Daniel that hit Thessaly.

The wedding of the unfortunate couple in Greece
Just two weeks before their disappearance, the two young people, Philip and Mikaela, got married in Pelion, according to local media gegonota.news.

The two Austrians had been coming to the area for many years and visiting exactly the same place, while they decided to tie the knot in their favorite vacation spot.

Philip and Mikaela lived in the same complex as the elderly Austrians who were reported missing and were found a few hours later safe and sound.

While the storm was lashing Volos last Monday, the older Austrians suggested to the younger ones that they all leave together, going up the hill of Xinovrysi, as the rain looked dangerous. They refused, thinking they would be safe in their bungalow. Unfortunately, however, the water washed away their holiday home any trace of them vanished. They have been missing ever since. In fact, they are the last two missing persons.

It should be noted that an elderly Austrian couple were initially reported as missing, who were later found to be in good health.

"I can not believe it. The young peopel stay here for three weeks and, as soon as they arrived, they got married in Argalasti. They have come many times on vacation and are the same age, about 35 years old. They had met the Austrian couple that was saved many years ago here, at our holiday home," the owner of the holiday home, Thanasis Samaras, told gegonota.news.

The owner of the holiday homes also spoke about the difficult time he had to inform the young couple's relatives in Austria of their disappearance.

The hotel owner informed Philip's brother in Austria of the fact that the 35-year-old and his wife of the same age have not given any signs of life on the fourth day of their disappearance.

“Someone had to inform their relatives about what happened to these two children, our friends. They are our people and we lost them in the disaster," said the owner, who decided to talk to the couple's relatives.

“I explained what happened and there was silence. They couldn't believe it. We agreed to gather the two families in one house and call them to talk to them. The children's siblings cannot tell their parents. Officially, the couple is missing, but as much as I can't accept it, I have to face reality. We feel sorry for the people who were lost," the owner of the vacation homes where the newly married Austrian couple was staying told gegonota.news.

Austrian couple who just married the two missing from the bad weather Daniel

Storm Daniel has killed 15 people and two are still missing. It is about the young Austrian couple. Their origin is from Graz, and they came this summer to Pelion, Potistika, which they have been visiting for years, to unite their lives in a place special to them.

The holiday homes they were staying in were swept away by the rapids and the couple have been missing ever since.

An Austrian media reports that a few days ago, a bag belonging to Mikaela was found. Mega channel, citing sources from the Fire Department, reported on Saturday that the couple's suitcases containing wedding clothes were found.

"So far we have only found one of their bags, the car is still there, it was parked on the other side of the house," said a local woman, Austrian "Heute" reports. The woman has known the missing person's family for 30 years. "I've known the girl almost since she was born," the 59-year-old said.

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently in direct contact with the relatives.