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87th TIF: The loss from cancellations for Thessaloniki at 50 million euros

Featured 87th TIF: The loss from cancellations for Thessaloniki at 50 million euros

The 87th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki opened its doors this year in the shadow of national tragedies.

The climate that has been shaped in the country by the devastating fires in Evros, but also by the unprecedented floods from the bad weather Daniel that hit Thessaly, has so far had significant effects in Thessaloniki as well, as cancellations have already been recorded.

In fact, Tasos Tzikas, president of TIF Helexpo, noted that according to the first estimates, the loss of revenue for the city amounts to approximately 50 million euros.

Aiding victims

It is recalled that TIF – HELEXPO will allocate 10% of the revenue from the tickets of the 87th TIF, with a minimum amount of 100,000 euros, to those affected by the catastrophic floods in Thessaly and the fires in Evros, while the Music Events Live program , which starts today and will take place as usual, will be dedicated to the people who experienced and are experiencing dramatic moments.

The national exhibition organization will support with the valuable presence of the world that loves TIF our fellow human beings who are being tested, considering it its duty to stand by their side with the means at its disposal, always in cooperation with the competent institutional bodies, and invites everyone to help his initiative, filling the exhibition center and increasing the amount that will be allocated to help.

For the easier navigation of the 87th TIF, visitors have for the first time the HELEXPO App at their disposal, gaining access to stands, exhibitors, exhibits and parallel events with a few clicks, so that they do not miss any of the exhibition experiences. Through the application's "How to go where" map, they can search for the exhibits they are interested in and locate them in a few digital steps. To download the application, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance, it is sufficient to visit the following link: https://services.helexpo.gr/mobile/.