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Volos "drowns" once again

Featured Volos "drowns" once again

Images of great destruction confront the crews of the municipalities of Magnesia and the region with the first light of day, in the Elias region of Volos, which has been tested by the bad weather, but also in the entire prefecture.

At this time, efforts are being made to restore electricity and water supply to the urban complex. Citizens throughout the evening were trapped by the onslaught of bad weather Elias, and forces of the Fire Department and EMAK rescie teams carried out overnight rescues. Many houses and shops have been flooded, cars have been swept away by the rushing torrents, while the amounts of mud are large.

The traffic ban in Volos is in effect

Residents of Volos received a new message from 112 on their mobile phones, as the police have ordered a traffic ban since yesterday. "It is reminded that the traffic ban is in force in the city of Volos by order of the police due to the development of dangerous weather phenomena."

The streets in the city of Volos are rivers

It is noted that since yesterday the Krausidonas "had broken", as a result of which huge volumes of water were channeled into the streets of the city.

The ring road of Volos was not accessible in many places, while serious problems occurred at the junction to Agria of Volos where the roads had become rivers. Overall, the city faced flooding, with the streets becoming impassable.

Without electricity, the evacuation of residents continues

The power outage in several areas of Volos remains since yesterday late afternoon. There were continuous calls to the Fire Service to rescue people in various parts of Volos, while more than 330 people were taken to safe places.

Most of the problems are found in the city of Volos, as well as in Alykes and Agria. The roads had turned into torrents and the water in many cases exceeded 50 centimeters.

Mayor Beos: 80% of the city has no electricity

The mayor of the city, Achilleas Beos, spoke to ERT about an indescribable situation experienced by the residents of Volos after the new blow from yet another bad weather, saying that there is immense sadness as the rain continues and houses and businesses are flooded again.

"Lives were endangered. The world is in danger. Human life comes first," he said, clearly shocked by what he and his fellow citizens are experiencing.

“Even I remained trapped. 80% of the city remains without power. Water creates a problem. The conductors are gone. The world cannot work" he said on the show "Connections" describing the dramatic situation caused by the bad weather Elias in Volos.

Speaking about the efforts of the municipal authority to clean streams and wells and remove portable materials, he stated that they are continuous, stressing however that the machine operators are tired after 20 days of continuous work.