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Astypalaia: "Stars" on Brazilian TV

Featured Astypalaia: "Stars" on Brazilian TV

Astypalaia has been charming Brazilian television viewers with its natural beauties lately.

The television station Rede Mais Familia, which broadcasts to 90 million households in over 90 cities in Brazil, highlights the "Butterfly of the Aegean" by promoting its exotic beaches, picturesque villages, the impressive mills in Chora but also the environmental innovations aimed have to make Astypalaia the first "smart" and sustainable island destination in the Mediterranean.

The filming of the show took place during the summer at the initiative of the municipality. "In recent years Astypalaia has become a pole of attraction for travelers with environmental sensitivities and special interests both from Greece and abroad. Coastal arrivals until the end of August "broke" the barrier of 2022 forming a new very remarkable performance.

"Also for the period until the end of September, air arrivals were significantly increased by 21% compared to the previous year. Europe is no longer the only "reservoir" of tourists, as our island is now also visited by tourists from more distant markets, such as from American countries.

Our call for vacations in a model destination full of history, traditions, natural beauty and gastronomy that promotes authenticity, respects the environment and resists massiveness has also contributed to the strengthening of extroversion," said the mayor of the island, Nikos Komineas.