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Cypriot Voice calls for support of preliminary talks announcement

The bi-communal forum "Cypriot Voice" calls on Cypriots to join its efforts towards preparing society to support a consensus building in resolving the Cyprus problem.

The bi-communal forum “Cypriots’ voice” has endorsed the joint declaration agreed between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot sides for the resumption of peace talks and called on citizens to join its efforts towards preparing society to support attempts for a consensus in the negotiations.

The consensus, it adds, must be “under the spirit of the joint declaration as well as  the UN Security Council resolutions, the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979, the UN plan for a comprehensive solution and the 2008 agreement regarding the Federal Structure of the New Federal Republic of Cyprus and the parity of the two constituent states”.

The leadership of the negotiating taskforce needs to approach the Cyprus problem from an out-of-the box perspective

A forum press release says the leadership of the negotiating taskforce needs to approach the Cyprus problem from an out-of-the box perspective. “This can be achieved only if the two sides, through breakthrough thinking, agree to focus not on the problem and the various disagreements that they currently have but on the solution”.

Therefore, in attempting to form a common state the two sides need to build trust by simultaneously satisfying each side’s main political and economic interests, it adds.

Commenting on the forthcoming elections of the European Parliament, the forum stresses that it should be addressed by the parties in Cyprus as an opportunity to elevate the importance of the participation of Turkish Cypriots in the process.

“The political parties and groups should work towards motivating the citizens living in the northern part of Cyprus to work for the election of two Turkish Cypriot in the European Parliament to accentuate their concern about their isolation from the European Union and stipulate their commitment to participate actively in the European family”.

“Cypriots’ Voice” believes that the elections can be held in those areas in which the Government of the Republic of Cyprus exercises effective control (protocol 10, art. 2) and, as is currently being implemented in Belgium, France, Ireland and UK, Cyprus should split its constituency into two constituencies, the Greek speaking electoral college and the Turkish speaking electoral college.

“Cypriots’ voice” calls for cooperation of the main political forces representing the vast majority of the population, to work diligently towards the acceptance and implementation of the negotiated settlement that can be achieved under the new effort.

A meeting took place on the 11th of February in Nicosia between the two community leaders, namely Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, marking the resumption of the stalled UN-led peace talks. The talks were interrupted in 2012 by the Turkish side when the Republic of Cyprus assumed the EU Presidency.