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Four dead in Glyfada slaughter

Featured Four dead in Glyfada slaughter

The Egyptian attacker killed shipowner Maria Karnesi, the CEO of the shipping company and a captain in Glyfada

According to first information, four dead are the toll from the shooting incident at the shipping company of the Karnesis family in Glyfada, with an assailant ex-employee who broke into the offices on Artemisiou Street and opened fire with a shotgun, killing three people before ending his life.

According to information, the sister of the shipowner Spyros Karnesi, Maria Karnesi, the managing director of the shipping company, Antonis Vlassakis, who was married to Maria Karnesi's sister, and the former captain and employee in the company's accounting office Ilias Koukoularis were killed by the Egyptian's gunfire. .

The Egyptian attacker was found dead in the basement of the building on the shipping side of the carbine with which he committed suicide.

The perpetrator, whom the Greeks called "Aris" but according to information, his real name was El Burai, was a former employee of the company who had been fired. According to the same information, he was for years a caretaker at the Karnesi family's house in Petaliou.

The perpetrator entered the company's premises from the parking lot, as despite the fact that he had been fired, he still had the RF card to access the site. Upon entering, he said he was going in to clean up. He first went up to the mezzanine where he shot two people and then stopped on the second floor where he shot one more person, possibly the woman.