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International ring of executioners: The 200 kg of cocaine lost in Spain and the murders in Corfu and Vari

Featured International ring of executioners: The 200 kg of cocaine lost in Spain and the murders in Corfu and Vari

Official announcements about the transnational criminal organization, whose members committed a total of 4 murders in 2020 in Vari, Attica and Corfu, were made this morning by the leadership of the Greek Police.

Due to the cross-border nature of the investigations, cooperation was developed with Europol and the authorities of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, a Joint Investigation Team was established, while technical-digital investigations of a large extent and volume were used, as well as special investigative acts and police investigations.


The loss of 200kg of cocaine in Spain was reportedly the main reason a criminal organization based in Montenegro broke up into two rival gangs.

In fact, the revelation that the people who had undertaken the executions would not hesitate to strike even inside a shopping center in Athens, in front of unsuspecting citizens, is shocking.

The official announcements of EL.AS. for the criminal organization
According to relevant statements by the Director of Attica Security, Lt. Gen. Fotios Duitsis:

"The first homicide was committed on January 19, 2020 in Vari, when four assailants entered a restaurant and shot fatally injuring two foreigners while they were having lunch with their families, also slightly injuring a relative of one of the victims. The second homicide took place on July 23, 2020, when two foreigners were found dead, with multiple gunshot wounds, inside a vehicle in an area of Corfu.

Criminal organization from Serbia that carried out death contracts dismantled - The "hit" in Vari in 2020
The four victims, nationals of Montenegro and Serbia, were leading and supporting members of a criminal organization, based in the territory of Montenegro, that was active in drug trafficking worldwide, while being prosecuted under international Red Notices - three for forming a criminal organization and one for murder .

However, in 2014 the criminal organization in question split into two separate and now rival organizations when they lost 200kg of cocaine in Spain. This led the four victims to flee to Greece in order to protect themselves from the rival organization, residingd, using fake identity details, in areas of Attica, at least since 2019.

The organization hostile to the victims joined forces with two of the most powerful organizations of the Western Balkans, gradually sending people to our country in order to locate the victims and carry out the murders.

Characteristic of the great importance of the case is that the war between the two organizations has led to the commission of at least 60 murders throughout Europe, while for its investigation, at the initiative of our country, a Joint Investigation Team was created with Serbian authorities and a team of Europol, codenamed "Ithaca".

The result of police investigations is the identification of every member of the criminal organization that participated in the murders that took place in our country, both the natural perpetrators and their accomplices, as well as the management members of the organization that decided to carry out the murders.

In total, within the framework of the International Police Cooperation, 39 members of the organization were identified, of which 7 were arrested in Serbia and 2 in Spain, while 17 members are incarcerated in various Detention Centers in Europe, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey.

In particular, 8 members of the organizations were identified as moral perpetrators of the murders committed in Greece, 8 members as natural perpetrators, namely 4 in each homicide case and 23 members as their accomplices.

From the investigations in Greece, the arrest of a foreigner was achieved, who contributed to the safekeeping and transport of the weapons used in the murders, as well as to the movement of members of the organization from Sivota to Halkidiki, where they lived until they escaped abroad.

I would like to refer to a point in the case that demonstrates the extent of the disdain these individuals have for human life and at the same time their devotion to their cause. When the two murdered in Vari had previously been located inside a large shopping center in the region of Attica, which receives thousands of visitors every day, the perpetrators would not have hesitated to carry out the murders inside the mall, not thinking in the least about the possibility of collateral victims. And this is because their non-fulfilment is due to the late arrival of the weapons at the site.