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Piraeus: Bomb at gas station heard miles away - Warzone aftermath

Featured Piraeus: Bomb at gas station heard miles away - Warzone aftermath

A powerful explosion occurred at dawn in an outdoor parking area, next to a gas station on Omiridis Skylitsi and Pythagoras Street, in Piraeus.

According to Police, there are no reports of injuries, only material damage to parked vehicles, the gas station, which was open at the time, and the surrounding apartment buildings. Officers from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Department of the Hellenic Police are at the scene, looking for the cause of the explosion, while traffic arrangements are being made on Omiridou Skylitsi Street.

It is noted that at the time of the explosion the gas station was open and there were employees inside, while the information states that seconds before the explosion, a man had arrived the gas station to fill up with gas. As soon as he got out into the street, the explosion was heard shortly after, as he avoided the worst by sheer luck.

Testimonies about the explosion in Piraeus - Major disasters
A resident who lives in an apartment building directly opposite the gas station said this morning to the ERT camera crew, a few hours after the explosion:

"It was around 3:20. My family and I were sleeping in our house. Suddenly there was a deafening noise of terrible force. We jumped up, went out on the balcony to see what exactly was happening. White smoke was coming out of the gas station. We couldn't understand what had happened. What we imagined was that, it bhad to do with natural gas. We couldn't breathe. The windows of all the apartment buildings below were shattered […] And, in fact, the shock wave was so big that it has also reached a hair salon that is to the right, which has almost been destroyed as well. We, of course, didn't know if it was a bomb or something else. Later we were informed what had happened, but luckily we had no casualties. Like a state of war."

"The noise was so loud that the entire apartment building shook. At first I thought it was an earthquake. I jumped out and looked towards the gas station and saw something that I thought was smoke at first but then I realized it was dust because a wall fell from the explosion. The police came immediately. A lot of damage has been done," said a female resident of the area who heard the loud explosionto the Action 24 camera .