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Amorgos: 59-year-old American tourist missing

Featured Amorgos: 59-year-old American tourist missing

The search to locate the 59-year-old American tourist, Eric Kalibet, whose traces have been missing since Tuesday morning (11/6) are in full swing on Amorgos .

The 59-year-old retired police officer, started hiking from Aegiali to Katapola, following a designated route, with an indicative travel time - according to a sign - of 4 hours and 5 minutes. Hours passed without any trace of the man, so the friend who is hosting him on the Cycladic island became worried and rushed to the island's police station to report his disappearance.

Today, in an announcement, the Municipality of Amorgos publishes the photo of the 59-year-old man, asking anyone who saw him to immediately contact the police authorities. At this time, a large operation is underway on the island to locate the man, but to no avail.

According to police sources, the last message he had sent was at 7.20am on Tuesday morning, 15 minutes after he started the hike, to his sister. The message reportedly included a photo of the trail sign.null

The missing American is a "fan of Amorgos".
The retired policeman said, he is a fan of the island and knew the route well as he has been visiting the beautiful Cyclades for many years, as the mayor of Amorgos noted to Greek media.

As he said: "We are full of anxiety. We hope he is found alive. This man is a fan of Amorgos. Been coming here for years. It is not the first time he comes to the island. He started the route on the path, from Aegiali to come to Katapola. It is a very passable path. not difficult. Quite easy one might say. He had a rendezvous in Katapola with his friend who is on holiday also. But he never arrived at the point they had agreed upon. His friend became concerned and called the police for help. These days it is unbearably hot on the island. We are considering all possibilities. At this time, investigations are being carried out by the police, the fire brigade, the field rangers, volunteers and the Amorgos rescue team.A drone has also been sent up. Almost the entire trail has been explored. So everyone assumes that maybe he did something else. He may be lost.He may have been affected by the heat. We hope he is found and alive. He must have stopped somewhere to rest. We hope for good luck and we'll see everything else later. Since dawn, all of Amorgos has beens looking to find him."