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Attica parks closed due to high fire risk

Featured Attica parks closed due to high fire risk

Parks and groves of the Attica Region will remain closed today, due to the extreme risk of fire. This is a preventive measure that is being implemented, as Attica is at extreme risk of fire.

"For the first time so early in June we have an index of 5 in Attica and 4 in other regions. That is, we are in a code red alert state. We must all be vigilant. No negligence, no movement, no action that can lead to tragic consequences for our environment or to the loss of even one human life", said the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias.

The announcement about the closed parks in Attica
Extreme (State of Alert - Category 5) will be the risk of fire on Friday, June 21, 2024 in areas of the Region of Attica according to the attached Fire Risk Prediction Map issued today Thursday, June 20, 2024 by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection.

Risk Category 5 (State of Alert): The risk is extreme. The number of fires expected to occur is likely to be very large. All fires that are likely to occur can quickly become large and develop extreme behavior immediately after they occur. The difficulty of control is expected to be very great until the conditions under which fires develop change.

In addition, as regards Kythera, the risk of fire will be very high on Friday 21-06-2024 (risk category 4),.

Risk Category 4 means that the risk of fire is very high. The number of fires expected to occur is likely to be large, but, most importantly, any fire can become large if it escapes the initial outbreak.