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NGOs lash back

The role of NGOs has been harshly criticized by the media and by many individuals these past few days. Of course, this harsh criticism came after revelations that NGOs were involved in scandals worth millions of euros.

The three major NGOs active in Greece, namely Greenpeace, ActionAid and WWF, decided to react to unfair criticism. They issued a joint statement in which they express their discontent about the way Greek society has made a sweeping assumption about the role of NGOs that is drawn by individual cases, such as that of the NGO “International Mining Initiative”.

“Enough is Enough,

The gloomy and illegal operation of some organizations, cannot lead to a generalized condemnation of all of us.

You must respect the organizations that are active in Greece and have shown their hard work with transparency and dignity. You must respect the 300 thousand supporters of ActionAid, Greenpeace and WWF, who have trusted us all these years and have given us their money for either our humanitarian or environmental causes”.

Their joint statement continues by referring to the actions and noble causes of these three NGOs. Finally, they call on all organizations, unions, foundations and other groups to react as well.