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State Dept annual human rights report on Greece

Racial and xenophobic activities of Golden Dawn and abuse of power arrests by the judiciary are the main topics of the annual State Department report on human rights for Greece in 2013.

The report mentions that the country is a constitutional republic and the last elections were free and fair. However,it claims there are certain abuses of power by the country's security forces and that there are serious human rights issues concerning unprovoked violence against immigrants and foreigners.

It adds that although Greek authorities have the security forces under control, there are allegations for certain violations by members of said security forces. Other troublesome issues, according to the US State Department, include living conditions in immigrant holding centers and discrimination against the Greek Roma population.

The report mentions all recent abuse of power issues in the news, like the Farmakonisi incident with the Coast Guard and the dead migrants, abuse allegations on the young robbers arrested in Kozani and beaten during interrogation, cases with protesters, detainees and others.

It contains reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch about 35 alleged incidents of abuse against immigrants in detention centers and prisons, as well as reports of abuse on immigrants by the Greek Police during operation “Xenios Zeus,”which roots out illegal immigrants in Athens.

Most of the things reported by the State Department are widely known and reported by the Greek media and are a stainon the reputation of the country's institutions, values, and long history. However, the report does bring to mind that saying about people who live in glass houses and how they shouldn't be throwing stones.