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Cocaine ring busted in Thessaloniki

Two Bulgarian citizens were arrested in Thessaloniki yesterday when cocaine packs were found during a transaction. At first it looked like a typical drug smuggling arrest, but as evidence come to light, it appears this was part of an investigation into an international cocaine smuggling operation.

It turns out the arrest came after international alerts and was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Thessaloniki Police Security Department, with the support of the Athens DEA office. The drug smuggling ring was buying huge quantities of cocaine from a European country, while importing and distributing their load into Greece.

The two men detained are a 40 year old and a 33 year old Bulgarians, who will be charged for trading and distributing narcotics. They were arrested yesterday in the Sindos area of Thessaloniki, when the 40 year old arrived at the rendezvous with an automobile and gave his 33 year old accomplish a traveling bag containing 12 packs of pure cocaine.

When the accused and the automobile were searched, almost 12 kilos of cocaine were confiscated, along with the vehicle, for forensics. The two Bulgarians will be led in front of the Thessaloniki Public Prosecutor early next week.