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Parliament votes to keep its own safe from scrutiny

MPs introduce an amendment in parliament, exempting the public employees in their offices from the standard evaluation the government has introduced.

Instead, they will be “evaluated” by the directors of the parties' political offices, meaning the people who hired them. In other words, their hand picked associates don't have to be evaluated like everyone else, presumably because they are above such trivial things.

The amendment was presented by 15 New Democracy and PASOK MPs and was introduced by Interior minister Yiannis Michelakis. New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left MPs voted for the amendment, SYRIZA and Communist party MPs voted “present” and only the Independent Greeks voted against it.

Trying to explain the unexplainable, parliamentarians mumbled some technicality about procedure concerning public employees integrated into reserve scheme ending up in layoff territory, but they convinced no one. The fact that the amendment was introduced just a day before the deadline for reserve employees evaluation, did little to help the MPs cause