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Anti-Terrorist Law to Include Golden Dawn Asks Dendias

Public order minister Nikos Dendias has requested the inclusion of all criminal incidents involving Golden Dawn under the anti-terrorist law, trough a letter to Supreme Court (Areios Pagos) prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani.

The letter includes mentions of criminal actions involving Golden Dawn members that resemble the establishment of a criminal organization and the practice of organized criminal activities. Press articles concerning specific events are also included in the letter.

The minister, in the letter, also stressed that Golden Dawn activities are going beyond singular incidents, provoking common sentiment, undermining justice, and endangering public order and the country's internal security.

As noted in the letter "the vigilance of the state is necessitated, as is the activation of all necessary measures foressen by the Constitution, and the penal code."

The ministers of public order and justice met tonight with the Prime Minister, at his office at the Maximos Mansion.