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PanHellenic Seaman's Federation Halts Strike for Easter

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Yesterday, The Panhellenic Seaman's Federation decided to put their strikes on hold, so sea travelers wouldn't be inconvenienced during their voyages to Greek Orthodox Easter destinations.

Passenger vessel crews are temporarily refraining from labor protests so that cars, trucks, good and customers can travel on Holy Week and Easter. However, PNO engaged in Wednesday's 24-hour strike of private and public sectors. All routes were serviced today at 6:00 a.m.

The Federation is striving for practical solutions to the issues of rights, pension and social security benefit decreases, and high unemployment rates. Yesterday, The Panhellenic Seaman's Federation assured the public that it remains vigilant on these challenges. Yet, a ratified agreement between Mediterranean route travelers, tourism ships' employers and the coastal navigation has been administered.